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A Sad Announcement

Dear Parish Family Members:

For the past four years, the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy have been part of the school faculty, with Sr. Julia serving as the founding principal. On September 16, I visited with the Mother General of the order who was visiting Colorado. During that meeting, she informed me that she would be recalling all four Sisters to Rome at the end of this current school year, and she would be unable to replace them. She explained that due to a shortage of Sisters needed in Europe to cover the assignments of Sisters no longer able to work because of health or age, she needs the four Sisters from Colorado to return to their Motherhouse in Rome. From there, they will receive new assignments for the Fall of 2017. Mother General reassured me that the Sisters leaving Colorado is not because of a problem with Our Lady of Loreto church or school. It is simply due to a shortage of vocations. The Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy have been in America for nearly six decades, and our group of Sisters was the last in the United States. After July 2017, the order will no longer have any presence in America.
Needless to say, I was shocked by her announcement. During my short time here, I have come to know, value and appreciate the contribution of the Sisters to our church and school, and I am saddened to see them leave us.
In November, I will assemble a Search Committee for a new principal, and we will begin the hiring process in January. My hope is to have a new principal named by April. This next year will be an exciting time for the school as we prepare to expand into the new building, begin a second round of some lower grades and open a pre-school. It is crucial that we find the right principal, and I ask for your prayers. I am confident that Our Lady will intercede for us and that everything will be fine.
In the meantime, I will join you in relishing the time we have left with Sr. Julia, Sr. Lila, Sr. Eleanora and Sr. Rosaria. Sisters: thank you for all you have done for our parish, and we will miss you! We will also keep you in our prayers.

Fr. David