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December 21, 2014

Today:  Angels Alleluia! on Channel 6

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
         That God loves us so much so as to debase himself and become one of us is a difficult mystery to comprehend. Consider, for example, the progression of the revelation of this mystery in the New Testament. St. Paul, the first Christian writer, almost never mentions Christ’s birth, except in Phil. 2 and Gal. 5:5. St. Mark, the first evangelist, doesn’t mention it at all. St. Matthew focuses not on Mary but on Joseph, to whom an angel appears urging him to take Mary as his wife. St. Luke, however, tells the whole story. And who has a starring role? In Greek dramas the starring role, the interpretive role, belongs to the chorus. In the story of our Savior’s birth that role belongs to the angels. They appear to Zechariah and Mary. They announce the Lord’s birth to shepherds. They sing the very hymn—the interpretive hymn—that was to become the gathering hymn of our own Eucharistic liturgy: “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to people of good will” (2:14).
         This year the angels are ushering in Christmas in a special way. Today, the Fourth Sunday of Advent, at 4:00 p.m., be sure to watch the 1/2 hour documentary on our stained glass windows, Angels Alleluia!, being broadcast on Rocky Mountain PBS, channel 6. Then tomorrow, Monday, tune in to Colorado Public Radio, 88.1 FM, for the live broadcast from OLOL of the Canto Deo Christmas concert. Begin this Christmas week with the angels; in three days time our Savior comes. “Sing a new song to the LORD, for he has done marvelous deeds.” With the angels “[s]hout with joy to the LORD,...; break into song; sing praise. Before the LORD who comes, who comes to govern the earth. To govern the world with justice and the people with fairness” (Ps. 98:1,4,9).

​                                                                                                               Fr Ed

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