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August 17, 2014

Faires, Fora, Safaris, and Golf  

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

          This weekend marks the beginning of a new ministry year—our parish's annual service and ministry faire opens in Holy Family Hall. Hundreds of ministry and service opportunities are anxious to meet you, introduce their ministry to you, and welcome you in serving the Lord, the parish, and the poor. There is something for everyone. At the very least sign up for the Cor Jesu internet prayer vine, joining in prayer for your fellow parishioners. Opportunities for faith formation abound—from childrens’ religious education and first sacraments preparation to youth ministry to adult Bible studies. Services to the sick, imprisoned, elderly, and poor need your help. Name your need or your interest and something at the faire can be found to meet it.
          On the second Sunday of September, the 14th, I will be hosting our first Second Sunday Sitting. The Second Sunday Sitting is a TeleForum™; it works like this. At 6:30 that evening I will call you and every parishioner and welcome you to a digital town hall meeting. You may ask me questions, listen in on your fellow parishioners, and share faith with one another. We are calling these TeleFora™ Second Sunday Sitting from the church’s ancient practice of hosting her children to two tables of food and fellowship on the Lord’s Day—the first being the Eucharistic table of the Lord, the second being the community’s table of fellowship. In like manner, on Sundays Fr. William and I welcome you to the Lord’s table of the Eucharist and in turn through the Second Sunday Sitting you welcome me into your homes to a table of faith fellowship. Mark your calendars.
          Next, I invite you to join me on safari! Yes, indeed! This year the parish started a Scholarship and Schooling Financing Fund. As the mission statement of the fund reads, its purpose is to promote Catholic education initiatives in the parish. The fund is managed by a committee of persons who oversee fundraising initiatives for faith formation programs that benefit both the parish’s religious education ministry and the parish’s school, as well as the application process for scholarships and funds for tuition assistance and the purchase of supplies and materials. The fund is hosting its inaugural Wings Gala on October 4. Designed around an African theme: Out of Africa, the evening will be a sure bet for a delightful evening of conversation, community, and connection. Table sponsorships are available for you and your friends, Compagnia groups, bible study communities, neighbors, etc. See the insert in today’s bulletin or the parish web site for more information and to safari your seat. 
          Finally, don’t forget the parish’s annual golf outing and dinner. Sponsored by the Knights of Columbus this year’s tournament is in three weeks: Friday, September 5. All are welcome for an afternoon of golf and/or an evening of fellowship and food. See the bulletin for more details.  
          A lot is happening, a lot of good that the Lord might be proclaimed and others might be served.

                                                                                                       Fr Ed

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