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July 20, 2014

New Youth Ministers.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

          I am pleased to inform you that I have hired new youth ministers for the parish. Actually, I have hired a married couple: Brad and Joia Farmer.  
          In 1997 Brad co-founded and since then has co-directed APEX Ministries. APEX Ministries offers keynote presentations and performances for large diocesan, regional, and national youth and young adult conferences as well as retreats, school assemblies, parish missions, or evenings with youth groups, families, and parish communities. OLOL parishioners may remember Brad from his previous time here; he served as our assistant youth minister from 2004-2009. More recently, from 2012 until the present, he (and his wife, Joia) has been ministering to the youth of four east Denver parishes, namely, Blessed Sacrament, Christ the King, Good Shepherd, and St. James.  
          For her part, Joia served as the program director of the True Care Women’s Resource Center in Casper, WY, from 2009-2013. There among other things she developed ongoing long-term evangelization patient support programs. Prior to that, from 2002-2004, she was the coordinator of youth ministry services for the Archdiocese of Denver. 
          Most of all, though, Brad and Joia would share with us that their greatest joy and accomplishment is their family of four children.  
          Brad and Joia will begin their ministry with us on August 4. The details of their time and presence will be worked out. Brad will serve as the primary youth minister but continue too with APEX Ministries. Joia will fill in as needed when Brad is traveling and add a feminine presence to our youth ministry program. I look forward to introducing formally Brad and Joia to our youth and the parish and beginning our work of rebuilding the youth ministry of our parish community. 
          For his part, Scott Diranne, our interim youth minister, has taken a full-time job teaching at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic grade school. He hopes to and we will attempt to work out that he continue to serve here at OLOL as a part time youth minister, partnering with Brad and Joia, our parents, parishioners, and me in proclaiming Christ to our youth, helping parents form their young people as Christ, and serving them all. We thank him for his service to OLOL these past months and assure him of our prayers in his new ministry.
          On another note, today marks the second anniversary of the Aurora theater shooting. We keep all those wounded or killed and their families in our prayers, especially Alex Teves, his family and our parishioners: Amanda, (Alex’s fiancé at the time of his murder), his parents Tom and Caren, and his brothers Nick and Tom. May Alex rest in peace and his family know God’s consolation. May God grant us the grace to exorcise this senseless, evil killing and violence from our society.  

                                                                                                    Fr Ed
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